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Join us for our second Palate Building Class on Saturday, April 19 at 2PM when we will taste four French White Wines (Sancerre, Quincy, Muscadet and Beaujolais Blanc). Call 512.858.0660 today to make your reservations!

2/20/19 Italian Tasting

This tasting consisted of an Alto Adige Pinot Grigio, a Sicilian white and red, a Nero D’Avola from Puglia and a ripasso style Valpolicella.

Tolloy 2017 Pinot Grigio. Alto Adige . Honeysuckle nose, ripe fruit. Not crisp but then again not another throwaway PG.

Stemmari Dalila Bianco. 80% Grillo and 20% Viognier. Orange notes on the nose. round acidity and chalky minerality.

Stemmari Cantodoro. Cabernet/Nero D’Avola blend. Vanilla bean nose, tart and juicy. First sip indicated a pretty simple wine. Second sip showed more structure than the first.

Stemmari Hedonis. 50% of the fruit is passimento. Dark ruby, light vanilla nose. 100% Nero. Strange approach. On the first sip, earthy, chocolate tannins attack the front of the palate. On the second sip, lively acidity on the back but only after the chocolate at the front. I think this wine is not as well integrated as I’d like it to be. There are almost two wines warring with one another here and not sure which one wins.

Campolieti Ripasso. Cherrry fruit. Textural Corvina (60%), Rondinella (25%) and Molinaro (15%). Big tart back cherry fruit on the palate. Chocolate on the sides and front of the aplate. Chewy structure. A big wine, as one might expect, situated halfway between an Amarone and a Valpolicella…