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Join us for our second Palate Building Class on Saturday, April 19 at 2PM when we will taste four French White Wines (Sancerre, Quincy, Muscadet and Beaujolais Blanc). Call 512.858.0660 today to make your reservations!

Italian Reds 4/25/19

Gianni Gagliard Fallegro. “Favorita” is just another name for Vermentino (aka “Rolle”). 2017. Pale yellow color. Stonefruit nose. Small amount of it was malolactically fermented. Bright accidity, green (slightly effervescent tasting)wine. Medium finish, light body.

Grignolino 2017 (Asti). Very unusual. Grignolino grapes have four seeds versus two seeds for most Vitis Vinifera grapes. Because they don’t want the wine to be overly tannic, very little skin contact is allowed. This makes the “red” wine very pale (like an off-color rose?) that tastes like a red wine. Very acidic, Pale cranberry color, richer taste than the color implies.

Gianni Gagliardo Barbera d’Asti. Light ruby color, light berry nose. Light cherry/berry on the palate. Medium plus finish.

Gianni Gagliardo 2016 D’Alba Dolcetto. Medium garnet color. Berry nose, red and black erry fruit with soft tannins and lingering on the palate - sweeter berry flavors.

Gianni Gagliardo de Baltie Nebbiolo, 2015. Very pretty Nebbiolo. Typical coloration, DOC :Langhe friut, sweet berry/cherry fruit.

Terra Rossa Oltre 2014 Rosso di Montalicino. Medium garnet color. Tart red plum fruit.

Terra Rossa Rosso Di Montalcino. Medium garnet color, sour cherry fruit.

Gianni Gagliardo “GG” Barolo. Medium garnet dry, tart with velvet tannin.

Nizza Barbera d’Alba. Dark ruby color, dark aromas of blackberry and herbaceous notes. Big blacka nd red berry fruit. Supple tannins, chewy. Notes of sage, Eucalyptus and maybe beeswax.