Somm By Epicure

Join us for our second Palate Building Class on Saturday, April 19 at 2PM when we will taste four French White Wines (Sancerre, Quincy, Muscadet and Beaujolais Blanc). Call 512.858.0660 today to make your reservations!


Ernesto Catena Alma Negra M Blend 2016. A delicious Bonarda-heavy Malbec blend from Ernesto Catena of Mendoza, Argentina. This wine captures Bonarda’s fruit-forward, black plum driven characteristics. Malbec plays a structural role here, with tannins that focus the wine and provide the “bones” while Bonarda delivers tons of fruit! Delicious. Find it at both Somm (bottle) and Epicure (glass or bottle).

Ernesto Catena Siesta Single Vineyard Argentinie Cabernet Sauvignon 2016.. Beautiful expression of Cabernet. Juicy with just enough earthiness and tannin to focus the fruit. The first Argentine Cab to have impressed me! Not the usual Argentine dirtbomb! Very approachable. Find it at Somm now!

Ernesto Catena Alma Negra Sparkling Malbec Rose. More a dusty rose color than the usual rose, this sparkling Malbec was made in the traditional method with tons of fine bubbles. Crisp and clean, nevertheless there is an earthiness that is characteristically Malbec! Find it now (bottle or glass) at Somm and Epicure.