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Soft cheese tastings for 3/8/19

On this blog page I am going to share new cheeses with you as I taste them.

Today’s two cheeses are Port Salut and Chaumes.

Port Salut is a softish cheese eaten all over the world. it is sort of an “everyday” cheese that people often nibble on after a meal or as a snack. If I called it the “Velveeta” of REAL cheese that might offend some and if so then I apologize. I think that unless you are the sort to gravitate towards very strongly flavored or scented cheeses, then this is the cheese for most. Not challenging, creamy, soft and mild.

Chaumes is a cheese of a different sort. From southwest France, at the base of the Pyrenees mountains, this cheese has the texture of a brie but a very pronounced “French Cheese” smell. For that reason, this won’t appeal to those whose noses are sensitive. I do not mean to imply that this is as strong as a Limburger cheese but neither is it simply a brie. Think of it as Brie with Attitude! Semi soft with an orange rind, this cheese means business!

Robiola. Robiola is an Italian cheese from the Val d’Aosta, often made with cow, sheep and goat’s milk. It is a soft ripened cheese that is on the firmer side. Rocket’s Robiola comes from North Carolina. This cheese is a pure sheep’s milk cheese that was dusted with vegetable ash and the milk was inoculated with white penicillin mold. The cheese has a wet appearance and is very soft, perhaps even oozy. In appearance the cheese would seem to be one of those that is very challenging. From a taste perspective, however, it is pure savory goodness. Creamy and savory with just a hint of the “feet of angels” as the French call it, this is delightful with some crispy crackers and you can simply scoop up the cheese with the cracker.

Curado Mahon. Made from Cow’s milk in Minorca, Spain, Curado Mahon is a milky-lactic medium firm cheese with a mild and delicious taste. One of the more affordably priced cheese this would make a killer grilled cheese sandwich! Yum!